Cybersecurity concerns surround the promise of driverless cars

By Belton Zeigler

Driverless cars and driver-assist systems are poised to change transportation as profoundly and as quickly as the internet has changed shopping and communications. Examples of the first wave of this technology that are on the road now include adaptive cruise control, front crash avoidance, and lane assist systems. When fully implemented, the Automated Vehicle (AV) technology promises to do the following:

  • Slash highway deaths and injuries
  • Eliminate most fender benders
  • Allow interconnected vehicles to flow at top speeds on congested highways
  • Expand transportation options for the disabled and elderly
  • Eventually replace car ownership with fleets of self-driving cars that come when we call and take us wherever we like.

All indications are that this future is coming at us much more quickly than seemed possible before now. But there is a looming pothole – cybersecurity.


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