Cyber threats are growing in size and stature, but system compromises are the new weak spot for businesses

With just a month until the year comes to an end, 2017 has seen some of the biggest and most dangerous leaks, hacks, ransoms and attacks of all time. Amongst many others, we saw the NHS hit by WannaCry, the email accounts of UK Parliament members exploited, and Equifax crippled by a data breach that allowed the personal information of nearly 150 million of its customers to be compromised.

Thanks to cyber security threats growing, not just in size, but also in maturity, and cyber criminals showing no signs of slowing down, organisations are busy determining how best to protect themselves against a multitude of risks.

Companies across every industry are aware that they can no longer turn a blind eye to the dangers to their digital and physical business, however the problem is that unless they are taking measures to defend against absolutely everything in the cyber landscape, it’s difficult for

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