The Top Three Cybersecurity Tasks For Any Board



It’s time for a new type of discussion on cyber risk.

Leaves aren’t the only things falling this season. Equifax executives, not to mention brand reputations, are dropping faster than acorns. Add compensation clawbacks and years of future litigation and things are looking bleak for Equifax. In a twisted case of misery loves company, we’ve seen Deloitte suffer the exact fate it proudly attempted to help thousands of clients avoid.

All this comes on the heels of what could only be coined as a turbulent summer for such blue-chip firms as Maersk, Merck, and FedEx. None of these companies likely anticipated a major cyber event’s impact, but all experienced major disruption to operations and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

These companies are all different, but they share a common thread of investing heavily in security technology, employing capable security professionals and

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