What’s Hot in Cybersecurity, 2017: Photos and Takeaways

Our annual cybersecurity conference at WGBH in Boston was a big hit last week. In times like these, security is on everyone’s mind—and it has become a critical issue in business and society.

A few takeaways from the event (but you really had to be there):

1. Expect a lot more phishing-type attacks after the Equifax breach. That’s because all that personal information is out there waiting to be used against us. Meanwhile, tech companies are trying to improve our defenses, using automation and machine learning.

2. Hacking critical infrastructure could take down a society. Look at the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico to get a sense of what losing power and communications can do to a population.

3. Beware not only North Korea, China, Iran, and Russia, but also rogue attackers. Cyber defenders in government and companies certainly have their hands full. Attribution is very tricky, and now almost any kind

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