VIDEO: Free Sec.Edu computer security course from UNSW and CBA

Want to be one of the computer hacking good guys, helping companies and people fight back against the bad guys trying to ruin everyone’s digital lives and spill secrets all over the Internet?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Last December, the Commonwealth Bank and the University of New South Wales announced ‘a $1.6 million, five-year partnership to develop a centre of expertise for cyber security education and research aimed at boosting the nation’s paucity of quality security engineering expertise,’ with one of my brother’s friends (and mine too), James F. (not Bond) alerting me to the news (which he’d read at a article).

Dubbed the ‘Security Engineering Partnership (or SEC.EDU for short)’, the initiative ‘will help build industry capacity to battle the rising menace of cyber intrusions, identify theft, malware attacks and a host of other online perils, and alleviate a critical shortage of cyber security

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