Cybersecurity: What Must be Done Now to Protect the Future?

Cybersecurity, cyber-terrorism, and cyber defense are serious topics of concern for all industries, government agencies, energy, and national infrastructure entities right now and for the foreseeable future. Securing the information systems, data, and infrastructure of these Governmental, Military, and Commercial assets now is paramount.

What are some of the greatest areas of concern for U.S. IT Security Leaders?

  • Security of the National energy grid
  • Military drones and micro drone operational security
  • Internet of Things (IOT) use and vulnerabilities

The Government and high technology industries must establish or update policies and procedures to help prevent, defend, mitigate, and develop risk based corrective actions to effectively combat these multiple threats. These activities should align with national emergency priorities to prevent or minimize unexpected and unanticipated incidents to high-threat areas related to national security, high technology sectors, and international espionage attempts.

1. The national energy grid and natural resources such as; nuclear energy assets, hydro-electrical generators, water reservoirs, waterways,

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