Demand for cybersecurity talent rises sharply

In late 2013, Cisco reported there were a million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally. Cybersecurity Ventures expects that number will rise to 3.5 million by 2021.

Despite the severe workforce shortage, there was quite a bit of optimism on the topic at the recent WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum held in New York City. A few of the WSJ speakers agreed to offer some of their thoughts for CSO readers.

Jennifer Steffens, CEO, IOActive

jennifer steffens bw

Jennifer Steffens, CEO, IOActive

“Organizations are waking up to the critical importance of security,” says Jennifer Steffens, CEO at IOActive, a global security consultancy with headquarters in Seattle. Steffens calls that the good news.

“The bad news,” she says, “is the workforce shortage will grow unless organizations also wake up how they approach finding and retaining talent.”