Cybersecurity Solutions Need To Start At Home, CUJO Offers Strong Defense At A Decent Cost

A healthy degree of paranoia is de rigeur in today’s digital age. Daily we read about hacks and security breaches. Hollywood has made great bank exploring the dark corners of internet security, itself having been dealt a sobering blow when Sony became the poster child for IT departments across the globe.

Many experts concur that the next 9/11 won’t be massive physical destruction, but a crippling cyberattack.

Last summer, Reuters reported that Lloyd’s of London tried to quantify the potential cost of a cyberattack. The amount was estimated to be $53 billion, which is about equivalent to the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy in the 2012. The study was undertaken in the wake of the cyberattack emanating in Ukraine, which quickly spread across borders.

We know that the best security starts at home, but how to choose from the myriad solutions? CES is presently underway in Las Vegas, and there are dozens

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