Cybersecurity: Time for a New Definition

Or maybe we need a new definition of cyberinsecurity. Whatever it is, the current U.S. government definition is outdated. But I should start at the beginning …

As you may have noticed, over the last week Paul Rosenzweig and Herb Lin have disagreed about election hacking being a cybersecurity issue. It’s likely not the first time they disagreed; it won’t be the last. Paul there is a serious danger of hacking of U.S. voting systems. Herb the voting systems weren’t hacked, writing that the real cyber issue of the 2016 election was the influence operation that Russia ran. While the voting platforms do not appear to have been hacked this time, there serious cybersecurity concerns over the technology we use for voting. And the disinformation campaign the Russians ran during the 2016 U.S. presidential election

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