Don’t Ignore the Human Element in Cybersecurity, say Professionals

Salt Lake City—Cybersecurity threats have become just a part of doing business. There’s no magical salve or solution that will keep your business 100 percent in the clear from any sort of cybersecurity threat—and those threats are becoming more sophisticated every year. How can you keep your company safe?

One of the first steps is to not ignore the human element. That was part of the advice given at the first Utah Business Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy roundtable, held Thursday morning at Holland and Hart’s downtown Salt Lake City offices. A group of 14 cybersecurity professionals from a wide array of industries—from tech, law, education, government and private industry—discussed cybersecurity trends, breach fallout, and what business can do to keep themselves as safe as possible.

One common cybersecurity breach is when an individual computer is compromised, which can then lead to theft of that individual’s username and password for their email login.

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