Cyberthreats loom large over Pyeongchang and beyond

Behind the security measures to protect participants at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, lies a second layer of defense aimed at safeguarding critical infrastructure from a more clandestine threat: cyberattacks.

South Korea has been beefing up a specialist cyberwarfare agency for the past year in readiness for the games, with 1,000 personnel added to a response team that now numbers 6,000.

Japan has taken similar action as it builds toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, bolstering the Ministry of Defense’s Cyber Defense Unit by an additional 1,000 backroom technicians.

A breakthrough on North Korean participation in the Pyeongchang games may have lowered the threat status a few notches, but the rogue state is still perceived as the most likely source of an attack on power, transport, water, healthcare, telecommunications and other essential services.

Responding to a surge in cyberattacks from the North in the past year, the

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