IS said to aim cyber ‘second strike’ against terror targets

Terror attacks are often followed, in an extra strike of cruelty, by major cyber-attacks on the targeted country, according to data gathered by Israeli cyber-security firm Cytegic.

Such second strike attacks then provoke a response by anti-terror cyber-activists, with the result that a country could find its networks paralyzed for days because of the huge strain, just when communication is especially vital.

Cytegic researchers have been observing this pattern for months, and the best example to date is the activity in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris last November – activity that has repeated itself in the days since the Brussels attack last week.

According to this pattern, cyber-attacks peak about four days after the actual terror attack, and the attacks encompass major sectors of the economy, especially government, media, and the financial sector.

The attacks have a clear political character, based on the messages left behind on

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