What can the UK actually expect in a cyberwar? – Sky News

By Alexander J Martin, Technology Reporter

The Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, has claimed that Moscow could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths in the UK with a cyberattack on our critical infrastructure.

But what could the UK actually expect in a cyberwar? And could hackers really kill “thousands and thousands and thousands” of Britons from an office in Moscow?

Experts don’t think the question is hypothetical. Ciaran Martin, the head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), has warned that it is a matter of “when, not if” the UK is hit by a major cyberattack.

Since the NCSC was founded in October 2016, the UK has not detected a Category One attack – defined as a national emergency or incident which poses an immediate danger to the population.

In that time there have been 34 Category Two incidents which have required high level involvement among government departments and agencies –

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