Size Doesn’t Matter for Spies Anymore

From the Brits to the Australians, everyone wants to say they were the ones to tip off the Americans about Russian hacking. Now, the Dutch say their hackers hacked the hackers of Russia’s Cozy Bear network. Such claims are impossible to corroborate, and it’s only fair that they be greeted, at least in part, with skepticism.

But this competition to claim credit does reveal a new reality in this era of cyberespionage: Size no longer matters in the intelligence world. If you’re smart and lucky, even a small country like the Netherlands can now make an outsized impact on a small budget.

Consider the article in a Dutch newspaper that describes how a team of that country’s cyberspies hacked into Cozy Bear’s systems back in 2014. This Russian team, also known as APT29, has been active since 2010 in breaking into networks across the West, from the ... read more at: