Hill doctor/actor/editor authors thrilling tale of terror

Dr. Wenzel is currently a Virginia Commonwealth University emeritus professor and former chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, where he still teaches.

by Len Lear

An explosion at the main railway station in Barcelona rattles the city, the first strike in a complex and increasingly devastating terror plot. When scores of patients with no physical trauma require hospitalization, MI-5 agent Elizabeth Foster turns to trusted colleagues Jake Evans, a Stanford University epidemiologist, and Christopher Rose, an Oxford microbiologist and information technology expert, to reveal the true nature of the threat: cyber-terror. The team of experts chase clues and conspirators through Barcelona’s beaches and back alleys.

Unique malware targets medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps, radiology imaging machines and key hospital programs supporting laboratories, operating rooms, pharmacies and other medical functions. A romantic entanglement between the epidemiologist and MI-5 agent complicates the

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