US Demands Rejection of Kaspersky Lab’s Lawsuit Over US Ban on …

The US government representative has demanded that a US federal court declines Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab’s counterclaim against the US decision to ban the use of the company’s software in the computer systems of state agencies, the judicial documents released on Tuesday showed.

According to the prosecutors’ demand, the Russian company has no grounds to prosecute the DHS decision forbidding the use of Kaspersky Lab’s products.

The prosecutor’s office added that the US military budget, which had the effect of law, prohibits the use by federal agencies of software produced by the Russian IT giant, which is why even the cancellation of the DHS verdict would not change the situation.

The lawyers of the Russian company claim that the DHS move violates the company’s rights in the United States guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees the right for proper legal proceedings. They also emphasize that the decision by the US authorities has a major negative effect on the company’s business activities as the leading companies selling Kaspersky Lab’s software

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