Drones emerge as new dimension in cyberwar

It sounds a little bit sci-fi, but make no mistake: The next front in cyberwar is literally above your head.

Military technology companies from around the world are rushing to design, build and sell drones that hack and track, while others want to own the business of hacking of the drones themselves. The burgeoning market is foreshadowing battles that could play out in the skies and, for some companies, bring significant profits.

It’s an immature set of technologies — lots of marketing, precious few finished products — but there is a growing appetite for them.

“This market is about to blow up,” said Francis Brown, a partner at the cybersecurity consultancy Bishop Fox. “Everybody’s trying to grab market share. The next year or two is going to decide who will become Pepsi and Coke out of all these products.”

As an act of research, as opposed to selling a product, Brown and Bishop Fox put together a “... read more at: https://www.cyberscoop.com/apolloshield-septier-drones-uav-cyberwar-hacking/