Olympic torch lights the way for cyber-criminals

Olympic torch lights the way for cyber-criminals

The potential for cyber-attacks being launched during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang against those attending the games, and even those watching from afar, is so strong that US CERT has issued cyber-security guidelines for those visiting, tips that can be used well after the Olympics ends in any public environment.

“With the 2018 Winter Olympics commencing soon, we can expect that the events will generate cyber-threat activity. Both targeting of specific organisations that are involved in sponsoring, promoting and participating in the game, as well as using the attention it generates as lure content for delivery of malware. Based on historical activity surrounding the Olympics, these threats will likely include cyber-espionage groups, hacktivists and cyber-criminals,” said Jens Monrad, FireEye’s principal threat analyst.

Considering the on-the-go nature of attending the Olympics all of the recommendations centre on mobile security hygiene and are very similar to what

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