Cyber-war nightmares: How can Iran, Hezbollah use cyber to fight …

With this weekend’s events shifting the country’s attention to envisioning the next potential war risks, the cyber-war playing field may once again come front and center.

Unfortunately, in estimating the cyber dangers potentially posed by Israeli adversaries, the danger list may be so long, that it might be easier to assume they can do almost anything and only mention the few things they cannot do.

The main focus is on Iran and Hezbollah, which are considered inferior to Israel in the cyber realm but are serious threats on a playing field where agile cyber offense almost always beats inevitably stagnant cyber defense.

The Jerusalem Post reported last May that Israeli adversaries could potentially hack Israel Air Force aircraft, including the new, most-advanced F-35.

The Post also has reported that a project has started to replace “smart” engines with closed-off, or “dumb,” engines, so that if such a hack occurs, only information, not the engines,

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