Why is Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Important? – Infosecurity …

The ever-accelerating flood of software vulnerabilities and innovative attack techniques leaves increasingly few organizations capable of defending themselves and safeguarding sensitive data in their care.

Information-sharing is a critical tool for network defenders because it allows them to avoid the missteps of their peers within the infosecurity community and to deploy proven defensive measures. Proactive information-sharing about attacks and defensive mitigations builds resilience across organizations participating within a given trust community, evolving herd immunity against attacks that others have seen within their own networks.

How we got here
Data breaches on the current scale are an emergent menace which organizations are still figuring out how to cope with. Breached organizations are constantly enhancing their cybersecurity posture, and alongside that, their Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) capabilities. Within this context, information-sharing forms one of the main pillars that will allow those organizations to better respond to the general cyber threat.

Over the last ten years,

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