Top intel chief says North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction are the biggest threat to the US

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2016.

  • US Intelligence chiefs said Tuesday that North Korea will be one of the most confrontational threats to the US this year.
  • North Korea’s relentless push for nuclear weapons that could strike the US and its increasing cyberwarfare activities pose legitimate concerns for US national security, the officials said.
  • During the annual hearing on worldwide threats, officials also warned of the dangers posed by Russia, Iran, and China.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats issued a dire warning Tuesday about the threat North Korea poses to the United States, citing its intentions to amass weapons of mass destruction.

“North Korea will be the most volatile and confrontational WMD threat in the coming year,” Coats said during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on worldwide threats. “In addition to its ballistic missile tests and growing

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