Protecting the cybersecurity of small businesses and their consumers

Picture this—it’s been a long day at your startup. About the time you get home, you open up your laptop, log onto your bank account and are shocked to see your small business’ balance: zero. You never expected it to be you. Surely, with the millions of people who bank online, you’d never be the one targeted.

Unfortunately, in today’s ultra-connected world, we see this happening more often. As chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, I have heard over and over how devastating a cyber attack can be for a business, its owners, employees and its customers.

By selling online, small businesses are able to reduce costs, increase sales, and boost overall efficiency. But the same tools and resources that have given small business owners a greater role in the marketplace have also provided cyber criminals and foreign actors with more opportunities to steal sensitive and valuable information.

This is unacceptable.


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