Ex-Mossad head: Israeli cybersecurity isn’t enough

Israel’s preparations for cyberwarfare are woefully inadequate, former Mossad director Tamir Pardo told a smart cities conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

“Many efforts have been done, and I know about efforts in Israel,” Pardo said. “But I don’t think it’s enough, it’s far from enough. It’s a problem,” he said, adding that many people complain about expense without appreciating value. “If you are not attacked, so why the hell do you invest so much money?”

Pardo was speaking at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds at Muni-Expo, the first international cybersecurity conference of its kind for the municipal sector. He painted a dystopian picture of what a cyberattack with the power to cripple smart devices could unleash: “Let’s assume that tomorrow morning, and we’re talking about Israeli summer, [and] all the air conditioning in all the hospitals in Tel Aviv stop functioning. Or if all the data of all the schools and

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