US intelligence report warns about cyber threat from Russia

The United States intelligence agencies expect Russia to continue cyber operations against Ukraine in 2018 with possible use of new capabilities, according to the Worldwide Threat Assessment report by U.S. Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats published on Feb. 13.

“Russia is likely to build on the wide range of operations it is already conducting, including disruption of Ukrainian energy distribution networks, hack-and-leak influence operations, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and false flag operations,” the report reads.

The U.S. intelligence also don’t expect Ukraine to regain control of the occupied areas of Donbas this year, while Russia will be trying to use nation’s frustration of the slow pace of reforms to undermine Ukraine’s government.

On a global scale, U.S. expect Russia to continue its propaganda campaign to weaken Western sanctions, encourage anti-US political views, and counter efforts to bring Ukraine and other former Soviet states into European institutions.

War in Ukraine: No escalation, yet no

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