SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence report – February 2018

The SAP threat landscape is always expanding thus putting organizations of all sizes and industries at risk of cyberattacks. The idea behind the monthly SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence report is to provide an insight into the latest security vulnerabilities and threats.

Key takeaways

  • The first set of SAP Security Notes in 2018 consists of 26 patches with the majority of them rated medium.
  • Missing authorization check is the most common vulnerability type this month, again.

SAP Security Notes – February 2018

SAP has released the monthly  critical patch update for February 2018. This patch update closes 26 SAP Security Notes (14 SAP Security Patch Day Notes and 12 Support Package Notes). 7 of all the patches are updates to previously released Security Notes.

14 of all the Notes were released after the second Tuesday of the previous month and before the second Tuesday of this month.

Five of the released SAP Security Notes

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