Cyber Espionage Campaign ‘Slingshot’ Targets Victims Via Routers …

CANCUN, Mexico – Researchers have uncovered a new cyber-espionage threat, dubbed Slingshot, that targets routers and uses them as a springboard to attack computers within a network.

Kaspersky Lab, which released details of its discovery during its Security Analyst Summit on Friday, said that the campaign has successfully targeted at least 100 victims in the Middle East and Africa from at least 2012 until February 2018.

Alexey Shulmin, malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab, said at the conference that the Slingshot campaign represents a complex threat that employs a wide range of tools and techniques, including kernel mode modules: “We discovered a new highly sophisticated and complicated APT last year, this was one of the most complex frameworks,” he said.

Kaspersky’s Shulmin and Sergey Yunakovsky, speaking at SAS, said Slingshot stands out for its unusual attack vector – the malicious actors infected victims through compromised MikroTik

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