Kaspersky uncovers sophisticated cyber-espionage operation across Africa and Middle East

Researchers have uncovered new malware that has apparently been used to spy on victims in the Middle East and Africa for six years undetected.

report from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab details how a threat it’s calling “Slingshot” has been infecting victims, collecting a wide variety of data and exfiltrating it in a covert fashion. The company says the threat is likely the work of a resource-rich government.

“Slingshot is very complex and the developers behind it have clearly spent a great deal of time and money on its creation. Its infection vector is remarkable – and, to the best of our knowledge, unique,” the researchers write in the report, released Friday.

Kaspersky says the APT has been active as far back as 2012 and was still active as of February this year. Slingshot is apparently so sophisticated that Kaspersky has labeled it an advanced persistent threat (APT).

The researchers say that Slingshot’s infection vector for most victims

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