Cybersecurity Challenges For The Boardroom: What Publicly Traded Companies Should Consider

Whether it’s a massive international conglomerate or a small family-owned business, the most predominate point of vulnerability in cybersecurity systems continues to be the human element.

Steven Grimberg and Mark Ray are Managing Directors at Nardello Co., a leading global investigations firm that, among other things, specializes in cybersecurity consulting, internal investigations and incident response. Grimberg is a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice who led a cybercrime unit and investigated complex and high-profile criminal and national security-related cyber incidents. Ray is a former special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation who led global investigations involving transnational cyber-criminal organizations.

Christopher P. Skroupa: What should publicly-traded companies worry about most when it comes to cybersecurity?

Mark Ray: Computer hackers have an insatiable appetite for private data of all stripes, but publicly traded companies in particular have a target on their backs. The reason is that

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