Cybersecurity educational opportunities aim to keep up with job demand | Cybersecurity – Virginian

Students pondering what to do with their lives, along with those in the workforce looking to boost their skills and desirability with employers, would do well to turn their attention to the field of cybersecurity where there is a dearth of qualified professionals.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the need for information security analysts is estimated to grow 28 percent through 2026, much faster than other occupations.

CyberSeek, an interactive cybersecurity jobs heat map funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, estimates there are more than 285,000 job openings in the field. CyberVirginia reported last year more than 36,000 cybersecurity jobs needed to be filled in Virginia, which by the way, also has the most cybersecurity companies per capita in the nation.

The good news for Hampton Roads residents hoping to fill those positions is that there are plenty of local places to get an education in the field including

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