BTB Forms RIOT Labs to Detect Emerging Cyber Threats & Techs

Massive security breaches and successful hacks have underscored the importance of beign protected with proactive security research and intelligence gathering in preventing or mitigating cyber-attacks.

To stay ahead of today’s threats, BTB Security, has launched RIOT Labs to extend and formalize the firm’s current research, threat intelligence, and development efforts.

Dubbed RIOT Labs, for Research, Intelligence, and Offensive Techniques (RIOT), the new division will identify and analyze emerging threats to develop actionable intelligence that can be applied to the firm’s primary security services, integrating cutting-edge intelligence on new attack vectors.

BTB’s RIOT Labs includes security and penetration testers, incident responders, forensic investigators, malware analysts, researchers, and developers:

The RIOT Labs team studies attacker’s methods, tools, and exploits, as well as performs deep security research to identify new threat vectors.

They gain insights from RADAR installations, global honeynets, commercial and open source

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