Business unaware of scale of cyber threat

Security apparatus

This coincided with individual nation states building up their own particular “security apparatus” around the internet such as the China’s “great firewall” and Russia’s Sorm-2 programme.

As a result, he said the main players are today unable and/or unwilling to come up with a regulatory framework for relations in cyber space, which is leading to the unintended consequence of critical national infrastructure (CNI) being probed by everyone because nation states want to know the vulnerabilities and capacity of their potential enemies, and enemy sleeper viruses are a potential threat to national security.  

“The danger is that 90% of CNI is owned by the private sector, and although governments are doing what they can to assist the private sector, ultimately they have not capacity to manage this other than broad monitoring of what is going on,” said Glenny.

Although there have been some positive developments,

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