Cybersecurity Spring Cleaning You Should Do – Forbes

Add this to your spring-cleaning to-do list: get rid of Internet device files and programs you never use Shutterstock

Extend spring cleaning to your computer, cellphone and all Internet-connected devices, and you will be safer for it.

“By conducting a digital spring cleaning and taking care of overdue online maintenance, you will be more secure against losing personal information and becoming a victim of identity theft,” says the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Like with regular spring cleaning, pack rats are often those who need to do the cyber version the most.

“Our connected devices contain volumes of details about family and friends. Information like contacts, photos and videos, along with confidential health and financial records, could easily get into the wrong hands and cause chaos,” warns the cyberprotection group’s executive director Russ Schrader.

He noted the average consumer is doing very little to protect their data.

If you are one of those who has

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