Castle View HS students help protect the community from cyber security threats

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Students at Castle View High School spent their Saturday helping fellow members of their community protect against hackers. The new group, Operation Cyber Blanket (OCB), is offering free guidance securing everyday electronic devices.

“We do this so the everyday person’s cyber hygiene is up to par with the modern world. So that they are not downloading malware, or not falling for phishing attacks,” explained Garrett Sneed, a senior at Castle View. Sneed plans to attend the University of Maryland for cyber security and computer science.

“We want people walking away from an appointment with Operation Cyber Blanket feeling they are well secured,” added Sneed.

The campaign launched in response to a need the school’s cyber security club says they observed. The everyday person is not doing enough to secure phones, laptops, tablets, etc. The club partnered with industry professionals and spent most of the school year creating easy to follow manuals

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