Information sharing: the key to protecting vehicles from cyber-threats

Faye Francy, Executive Director at Auto-ISAC, discusses how one company’s detection of a potential attack can help another company prevent a security breach…

Vehicle connectivity is transforming the automotive industry, enabling safer, cleaner, more fuel efficient and smarter vehicles. However, as consumers demand new capabilities and enhanced connectivity, the automotive industry is becoming more vulnerable to an increasingly complex set of cyber-security challenges. 

Protecting consumers from cyber-threats is a relatively new challenge for the automotive industry – one that differs from traditional safety, quality, compliance and reliability challenges. Individual companies have supported and engaged in efforts to safeguard their customers and address these emerging cyber-security concerns by working with governments, third party security technologists, non-profit organisations, universities and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives. 

These individual efforts have provided a degree of protection to the industry and its consumers, but the cyber-threat to the connected vehicle is dynamic and adaptive to

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