Protecting Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Threats

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security issued a rare public alert about a large-scale Russian cyber campaign targeting U.S. infrastructure. The news raised serious concerns about vulnerabilities in the nation’s power grid and other critical infrastructure assets.

All too often, concerns over cybersecurity threats are limited to stolen data or emailed malware programs. Leading to what Tenable calls a “widening cyber exposure gap,” where risks to the nation’s critical infrastructure and vital production assets are poorly understood.

Tenable is looking to change that. On May 3, Tenable is hosting a one-day conversation on how dynamic and metric-driven approaches to understanding cyber exposure enable digital transformation. The program will feature a panel discussion where industry and Federal leaders will discuss how continuous asset discovery and vulnerability detection can close the cyber exposure gap and support IT and operational technology (OT) security.

Tenable’s Ted Gary

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