The White House Loses Its Cybersecurity Brain Trust

Today, the White House confirmed that cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce will head back to the National Security Agency, where he previously ran the nation’s top hacking team. His departure comes just a week after Tom Bossert, Trump’s cybersecurity czar and Joyce’s boss, was forced out—and leaves the administration without two trusted voices on one of the most important challenges the US faces going forward.

While Bossert’s exit appears to have been engineered by recently installed national security advisor John Bolton, Reuters reports that Joyce will leave of his own accord. But whatever the reasons for their respective absences, losing them will slow the ability of the US to think about big-picture cybersecurity concerns. And replacing them may not be easy.

‘Even though no one should be surprised, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an outrage.

Jason Healey, Columbia University

To understand the impact of losing both Bossert

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