‘One in eight’ cyber attacks on Denmark successful: analysis

The survey, carried out by the Danish Society of Engineers’ IT subsidiary IDA-it, asked a total of 668 individuals employed in IT or personal data-related roles in private or public organisations.

Two out of three businesses said they had been on the receiving end of cyber attacks within the last year, with one in eight of those attacks being successful, according to the results of the survey.

IDA-it’s chairperson Kåre Løvgren said that businesses and organisations should be better at sharing their experiences and methods for combatting the problem.

“Only around one third report a cyber attack to the police or (police security agency) Centre for Cyber Security [Center for Cybersikkerhed, ed.]. To me, that is a sign that there is a lack of a safe way to raise the alarm to prevent the infection from spreading,” Løvgren told Ritzau.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Cyber Security, a subdivision of Denmark’s national police security agency

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