More Attention Needs to on Cyber Crime, Not Cyber Espionage

Much has been made in the news by governments identifying the serious threats of state-sponsored or directed actors, also known as advanced persistent threats (APT) 

Indeed, both security vendors as well as online and print news outlets continually draw attention to various suspected governments involved in cyber espionage activities, and in some more limited incidents, destructive attacks against specific target vectors.  Despite some evidence of state involvement in such activities being brought to the public light by some governments, there has been pushback from other security experts with the fidelity of the data.  It is likely that when governments share some data, more “firm” evidence is withheld to protect classified information, and in particular, the sources and methods used in collection.  Nevertheless, suspected state-driven cyber activities command the attention of the mainstream press, as well as security bloggers, and private sector companies.

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