Optiv: Lebanon and Netherlands growing in cyber threat influence

Nation states typically considered to play a small role in the cyber threat landscape are growing their influence and, thus, should be taken note of by solution providers, Optiv said this week after releasing data pointing to growing threats from places like Lebanon and The Netherlands.  

The solution provider’s 2018 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate finds that nation states like Lebanon and The Netherlands are “rising in the ranks of threat actors” through traditional tactics, such as open source and custom-built tools.

Further, the report says Lebanon, The Netherlands and other similar actors will become more of a threat as they hone their methods.

“Just because they don’t command the resources of U.S. or China, doesn’t mean that Lebanon and The Netherlands aren’t a force in security,” Courtney Falk, senior research scientist for Optiv’s Global Threat Intelligence Center, told Channelnomics. “As

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