DHS unveils long-stalled cyber strategy

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday released a long-awaited cybersecurity strategy that looks to more proactively tackle the agency’s mandate to protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

The department’s cybersecurity support for critical infrastructure operators must “focus on systemic risk or address risk at individual entities that have the greatest potential impact on national security, public health and safety, and economic security,” the strategy states.

The document will chart DHS’s course in cyberspace over the next five years and is an effort to keep pace with a changing threat landscape, the department said. “Nation-states continue to present a considerable cyber threat,” the document states, “but non-state actors are emerging with capabilities that match those of sophisticated nation-states.”

The five broad aims of the strategy are to better identify digital risks, reduce threats and vulnerabilities, mitigate the consequences of cyberattacks, and “enable cybersecurity outcomes” by making infrastructure more resilient and improving DHS management of the

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