Hacker Publicly Posts Data Stolen From Government-Linked Cyberespionage Group

Last week, Motherboard reported that a vigilante hacker had stolen data from a hacking group that researchers say is a government-linked cyberespionage unit. The data included GPS locations, text messages, and phone calls that the group had taken from their own victims. Now, that hacker has seemingly published the stolen data online for anyone to download.

The act itself highlights not only the fact that government hackers can sometimes face retribution, but also the ethical issues that come along with releasing such data to the public.

“Heads up,” the anonymous hacker told Motherboard on Monday, “in 48 hours [the data] […] will be in the public domain.” The hacker said someone had paid them the $1,000 worth of bitcoin they were asking for in order to publicly dump the data.

The files the hacker apparently publicly released do seem to line-up with those Motherboard previously obtained.

The stolen

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