How engineers at NSS Labs put the ‘security’ in cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, it can be difficult to know whether a security product is working or not. After all, it’s not until there’s a problem — say, a hack or data breach — that it comes front and center, said Robert Evans, a software engineering manager at NSS Labs.

But the team at NSS Labs believes it shouldn’t come to that. The company works with clients to test their cybersecurity products, identifying vulnerabilities and determining which security tools work best for each company’s needs.

“Decision-makers in enterprise environments need to know that their security investments are actually paying off,” Evans said.

We spoke with four NSS Labs engineers to learn more about how they’re working to make cybersecurity more transparent.


Photorgaphy by Rudy Arocha
Photography by Rudy Arocha
Photography by Rudy Arocha




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