Five books to look forward to in June 2018

NEW DELHI: The month gone by was one of many lessons for keen observers of contemporary Indian publishing. Over-hyped books, billed as astute and nuanced accounts like “Cyber Sexy”, turned out to be major disappointments while surprise releases like “The Spy Chronicles” garnered international attention.

There was, at the same time, the release of a novel that comes but rarely in our day and age — Anuradha Roy’s “All The Lives We Never Lived,” and yet just so little hype was created before its release. Then there was Sanjeev Sanyal’s “Life Over Two Beers” and “Daughters of the Sun” by Ira Mukhoty. Again, the merit of these books spoke for themselves.

In the fine line of difference between promotion and substance lies the heart of any given book that hits the stands. It is the impact that a book leaves on the reader that decides its longevity and no amount of promotion

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