Book review | ‘The President Is Missing’: Thriller co-written by Bill Clinton, James Patterson pits head of state …

A doomsday cyber attack that would destroy modern life as we know it in the United States serves as the propulsive center of one of the most anticipated novels of the summer.

In an unlikely pairing, former President Bill Clinton worked with prolific author James Patterson to produce “The President Is Missing,” due out today.

The thriller, which takes place over four tension-filled days in and around the nation’s capital, follows the efforts of progressive President Jonathan Duncan to thwart a computer virus — created and distributed by a shadowy enemy — that could infiltrate and destroy every public and private technological system in the country.

The virus is programmed to attack within a matter of days, plunging the United States into a world without an electronic grid, financial records, water systems, cellphones and everything else that operates via computers. In short, it would cause the country to revert to

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