Bill Clinton and James Patterson Have Written a Thriller. It’s Good.

Clinton and Patterson’s fictional commander in chief brims with humanity, character and stoicism. He’s a grieving widower — his last act before breaking free from his Secret Service protectors is to stare lovingly at a photo of his wife taken shortly before she died of cancer. The president’s palpable ache for his first lady makes the reader wonder if the entire reckless adventure on which he embarks is, at least in part, a death wish. After kissing the photo, he enters the subterranean tunnels beneath the White House, emerges in an underground Treasury Department parking garage, gets behind the wheel of a sedan and drives himself first to the apartment of an old friend — who helps him with a disguise — and then to a Capitol Hill bar to meet his daughter. It’s clear that both of them understand the gravity of the situation better than we

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