Bill Clinton’s ‘The President Is Missing’: What the Critics Are Saying

Reviews for the thriller novel The President Is Missing by former president Bill Clinton and best-selling author James Patterson are out, and critics are as divided on it as the country at large is on politics.

The President Is Missing is set in modern day and tells a story about rogue U.S. President Jonathon Duncan, who faces impeachment for persistently escaping from the eyes of the Secret Service. His recent attempts to evade the public and private eye have been to have negotiations with an international terrorist. Duncan, determined that he is the only man with the insider information to stop an imminent cyberterror attack on the U.S., does whatever it takes to save the country.

There are parallels to Clinton’s presidency that come up throughout the 500-page novel that have given some, including The Washington Post’s Ron Charles, pause about the real motivation behind writing the story.

“The transfiguration of

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