I’ll never forget the morning I woke-up and discovered that my website had been attacked. It was an embarrassing moment that also had me feeling violated. Why hadn’t I taken the extra steps to ensure that my site wouldn’t get attacked? Why would someone do this to me and my small business? I’m a startup, […]

University of Massachusetts Amherst’s computer science programs are about to enjoy a growth spurt, thanks to a $15 million grant from a foundation established by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., better known as MassMutual. The MassMutual Foundation will donate the money over 10 years, with $12 million going to the university’s Center for Data […]

A cyber-espionage group known as the Gaza Cybergang, the Gaza Hackers Team or Molerats has resumed operations in April 2016, after previously shutting down all activities when security firm ClearSky discovered its presence in January 2016. The Gaza Cybergang has been around since 2012 when various security firms first detected its operations. Since then, the […]

Director of the British intelligence and security organization has voiced concerns over cyber-attacks by terrorists against Britain’s major cities like the capital London. GCHQ director Robert Hannigan made the remarks during a rare public appearance at the Cheltenham Science festival, the telegraph reported Wednesday. He referred to the so-called “Internet of things,” saying online connection […]

Earlier this week, the University of Calgary admitted that it bowed to the pressure of some cyber attackers who held their computer systems hostage, forking over $20,000, but many are wondering if that was the right move. Experts say that cyberattackers that target major organizations with money on their minds are a growing problem in […]