June 04, 2016 The CCTX will select the MSP that will provide its cyber intel sharing mechanism by the end of the month, announced Executive Director Robert Gordon, at SC Congress Toronto. Just five weeks after its official launch, the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX) has already taken significant strides toward its goal of creating […]

FireEye security researchers have discovered a new wave of attacks against Indian government officials, yet again linked to Pakistan, just like Operation Transparent Tribe in February and Operation C-Major in March. The security firm reports that starting with May 18 Indian officials have been receiving a wave of spear-phishing emails masking as news items from […]

The relationship between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, the crucial dividing line that polarises the non-Israeli Middle East, has hit a new low. On Sunday Tehran said that tens of thousands of Iranian pilgrims would this September boycott the hajj, a hugely important spiritual journey to Mecca by Muslims that more than two million […]

By Shahin Azimi When Iran’s top civil defence official said his country was preparing for major cyber-attacks from Saudi Arabia, perhaps even he did not think it would take such a short time for his warnings to become reality. In mid-May, Gen Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organisation, said he saw the […]

As more businesses move online, criminals are following them. If you’re still using yesterday’s cyber security strategies, you’re vulnerable to malicious attacks that could permanently damage your business. It’s time to wake up and invest in learning about cyber security strategies. The Need for Robust Cyber Security Strategies When you run a small business, you […]

Cyber-espionage is one of the strangest trends in infosec today, because even if most people don’t understand what’s going on, who’s attacking who, and why is it important, most people flock to these reports like to a Katty Perry concert. Making sense of all the malware nicknames, APT names, and finding out the country behind […]

The celebrity entourage has a new member. Now joining the ranks of hairdressers, nannies, brand managers and personal chefs are computer security experts, entrusted by the rich and the famous to stave off threats to social media accounts, smartphones and home networks. Cybersecurity consultants to the stars are paid to spare their clients the type of trauma experienced […]

India is being targeted by suspected Pakistan-based cyberespionage hackers, who have been posing as Indian media officials in efforts to compromise the computer systems of several Indian government officials. The hacker group has deployed spear-phishing emails in efforts to infect systems with a malicious tool that is designed to make systems more vulnerable to hacking, […]

In our increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is becoming a greater area of concern. Because nearly every aspect of our lives is affected by or dependent upon the internet, it is vital to do our best to protect ourselves and our assets from cyber threats. Though IP video surveillance is unfortunately not immune to cyber attack, […]