Cyber Threats

PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 26, 2016) –  SentinelOne, the company transforming endpoint security by delivering real-time protection powered by machine learning and intelligent automation, today announced a cyber threat protection guarantee to provide customers with financial protection in the event of ransomware attacks on their networks. The guarantee reflects SentinelOne’s singular ability to fight […]

George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Advisory System—the color-coded terrorism “threat level” indicator that became a symbol of post-9/11 fear mongering—is getting its spiritual successor for hacking: the “Cyber Incident Severity Schema.” President Obama announced a new policy directive Tuesday that will codify how the federal government will respond to hacking incidents against both the government […]

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded PFP Cybersecurity a contract to study cybersecurity technologies designed to provide threat intelligence and detection to secure Internet of Things and embedded systems. PFP said Friday the new technology will work to protect IoT-connected devices such as power grids, smart devices and cars against cyber attacks. The company will work under DARPA’s Leveraging the Analog Domain […]

Cyber and physical attacks from within the electric sector are serious threats and merit federal assistance to ensure that industry can conduct thorough background checks on prospective employees in sensitive roles, a co-op official told Congress. AECC’s Duane Highley urges Congress to authorize FBI to assist electric co-ops with background checks to prevent insider threats. […]

Fidelis Cybersecurity has introduced a database and two freeware tools that work to detect cyber threats and protect network infrastructure from data theft. The Barncat Threat Intelligence Database contains a collection of more than 100,000 records of malware-derived configuration settings in remote access tools and is designed to help cyber analysts identify and attribute cyber […]