If a Russian agent—a real person—was found on a U.S. military installation attempting to sabotage an airplane, or ship, or other mission-critical equipment, including computer gear, he or she would be subject to the harshest penalties, and could, with authority, be shot dead at that installation (there are signs posted on the fences and buildings […]

When the financial services industry undertook a cyber attack simulation called Quantum Dawn in 2013, the exercise shined a spotlight on the importance of cyber war games in helping organizations improve incident response. Quantum Dawn is an example of how complex cyber war games can be. But not all cyber attack simulations need be so […]

The electric grid often utilizes industrial control systems to automate generation, transmission and distribution. As utilities adopt digital technologies to keep up with electricity demand and consumption, cyber attack vulnerabilities increase and new entry points emerge. Many public utilities commissions (PUCs) have not required utilities to boost their cybersecurity, placing customer electricity access in jeopardy. […]

BEIJING China’s top cyber authority formalized a new nationwide cyber attack response plan on Tuesday, as the country seeks to ramp up protection in the face of increasingly sophisticated global threats. The plan requires provinces to upgrade networks and construct expert response teams as part of the centralized reporting system, said the Cyberspace Administration of […]

Security firm Trend Micro is the latest corporate to jump into the startup investment world after it unveiled a $100 million corporate fund today. It is predominantly looking at opportunities in the internet-of-things (IoT) space, but the exact scope of how it will operate is not clear. The company is headquartered in Japan and listed on the […]